The electric glass fibre chopper is designed for manufacturers who wish to purchase their glass fibre in Rovings as opposed to Chopped Strands. Chopped fibre lengths range from 6mm to 25mm. The standard is 12.5mm.

The quantity of fibre is controlled automatically by a 0.1 second incremental timer. Thus the need to weigh the chopped fibre for each batch of Premix is eliminated.

The output from the unit when processing two rovings is 1.4kg per minute (based on 2500 Tex). Features include; easy to change cutter block, pneumatic ram to regulate the cutter pressure, efficient air mover to convey the cut fibres to the receiving vessel.

For manufacturers who wish to chop rovings at a higher rate, direct into the mixer, the larger MultiRoving Glass fibre Chopper is recommended.